Rural Asphalt Driveways

Resurfacing existing drives. Whether you have an asphalt or bitumen spray seal drive, it can be resurfaced. Don’t wait until your drive is completely ruined, save thousands by resurfacing before it’s too late.

Design and construction of rural drives involves the consideration of water flow. The use of table drains and pipe crossings may be used to control water flow on your property and protect your drive.

Rural Bitumen Spray Seal Driveways

A bitumen spray seal surface is a two coat system. Liquid bitumen is sprayed onto a prepared road base surface. A 10mm aggregate is spread in a uniform layer and rolled. A second coat of bitumen is sprayed followed by a layer of 5mm aggregate and rolled again.

The surface texture of a spray seal is course with an amount of excess (or loose) stone on the surface. This is usually left or can be broomed off after a period of time.

Urban Asphalt Driveways

An asphalt drive can be a stunning part of your property design. The versatility of asphalt allows a jointless, smooth surface finishing against retaining walls, boulder walls, any type of edging.

Civil Construction Carparks

Overlaying an existing carpark with a 30mm layer of hot mixed asphalt. Placing a 50mm layer of hot mixed asphalt to a storage / parking area at an industrial site.Laying the asphalt for a new carpark.

Civil Construction Industrial Pavements

Reconstruction of a loading and storage area for shipping containers. The original pavement was not designed for heavy static loads and forklifts. We excavated the area to a depth of 250mm, placed cement treated road base (200mm in 2 layers) then a 50mm layer of asphalt.

Placing a 50mm layer of asphalt to a newly constructed roadway designed for forklifts.


Placing asphalt to a footpath. A residential delopment site, Fortitude Valley. Compacting the asphalt that gives a durable smooth surface looking great for years. Asphalt garden paths can be a stunning feature of your landscape.

Trench Reinstatement

Existing trenches, damaged by constant pounding from trucks and forklifts are profiled to a design depth and reinstated with new asphalt, to its original level, eliminating this hazard that is common in commercial sites.

To minimise safety risks and business disruption, projects can be completed any time day or night. Reinstating the asphalt to a road after contractors install underground cables.

Speed Bumps

We design & construction our asphalt speed bumps to suit many applications. This picture shows a tabletop speed bump / pedestrian crossing combination.

The width and height of a speed bump can vary according to the design speed of the road.

Our speed bumps are also used to control & direct surface water flow and as bund walls around liquid chemical storage areas.