Providing quality driveways for 30 years

Welcome to AllBlack Driveways. Because we have been delivering quality asphalt driveways for 30 years you can have the peace of mind knowing that your driveway will be of high quality and delivered on time.

Based on the Sunshine Coast, AllBlack Driveways is one of the most experienced asphalt driveway surfacing companies in Queensland.  AllBlack Driveways offer car park and driveway surfacing and construction, pavement reconstructions, pothole repairing, walkways, danger zones, loading zones, special parking areas and bike lanes. We provide personalised solutions for your home including asphalt driveways, bitumen driveways, footpaths and pathways.

Our services include asphalt surface laying of driveways, carparks, footpaths. We provide asphalt repairing services and regular maintenance.

Asphalt is a blend of graded aggregate, sand, filler (generally flyash) and liquid bitumen. The materials are heated and mixed with hot bitumen which binds the materials together. The hot mixed asphalt (160 – 180 degrees C) must be laid and compacted before cooling. The surface texture is smooth and uniform, (although some asphalt designs are open-graded and course textured to reduce water spray and noise on highways). The compacted layer thickness for drives and residential streets is 25 – 40mm, increasing to 50mm + for main roads and highways.

Bitumen is also used for spray seals. Liquid bitumen is sprayed onto a prepared surface. There are different types of bitumen which can be sprayed hot or cold. Most spray seals are a two coat system. After spraying the first coat, a single sized aggregate is evenly spread then rolled. A second coat of bitumen is sprayed, then covered with a smaller sized aggregate and rolled again. The result is a rough textured finish with an amount of excess (or loose) stone on the surface which can be left or swept off after a period of time. For driveways a 10mm & 5mm aggregate is used, for roads and highways a 14mm & 7mm combination and greater is used.

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